Sunflower (Web Series Review)

There is no doubt that Sunil Grover impresses in this half-baked ZEE5 series.

Vikas Bahl is the director of Sunflower, a ZEE5 original web series. The series’ co-director is Rahul Sengupta. And it was produced by Reliance Entertainment. Acting Sunil Grover as Sonu in the lead role, actors Ranvir Shorey, Girish Kulkarni, Shonali Nagrani, Sonal Jha, and Ashish Vidyarthi round up the supporting cast. 


A Murder

Neighbors carried out a murder and ventured to cover up the proof. Sonu attained the attention of the police since he was negligent in his communications with the police.

A Break-in

Mr. Ahuja, a neighbor, strived to get rid of the proof but could not do so completely. Mumbai Police broke into his apartment to engage in sexual activities. However, Mr. Ahuja couldn’t get away with drinking Coconut Straw and sleeping through the night.

A Discovery

Members of the society are seen in another similar scenario striving to guard their cultural concerns against anti-culture Newbies: Sonu and the Delivery Boy in head-to-head combat by the police for the Murder Night recap. The conflict between Sonu and the Cab Driver is displayed joyously. A typical depiction of Sonu and his workplace crush is revealed.

The Coconut

At the party entertained by his self-described “Social Influencer Neighbor,” Sonu tried to participate in the fun. There was a coconut vendor at Sunflower who heard about the murder. The police were searching for the Coconut in the same context. At work, Sonu’s Crush falls on his coworker. Mr. Ahuja’s struggles to get rid of Coconut ended up in Sonu’s trash can.

A Crush

Ahuja and Kapoor’s former parking conflict is portrayed. A vial of rat poison caught by Maharashtra police escorted them to consider Sonu was accountable for the murder of a man. In the eyes of Son’s Crush, imagining Sonu is a bad boy is a compliment.

A Heart Attack

While Sonu’s Neighbour Party, Sonu’s boss saw the person who dripped his latest product, and her daughter found the identical. Sonu attempted to cover to defend himself. Mr. Ahuja was interrogated again by the Inspector concerning his paper adjacent to Kapoor’s body. He said that he did not comprehend such a situation.

A Recollection

The Sub Inspector returns to Kapoor’s ex-wife, who is now dwelling with his younger brother-in-law as a Partner. Inspector identifies the moves practiced over the building column that relates the two apartments and tours Mr. Ahuja’s balcony to check and obtain a few additional hints.

A Chase

Sonu’s ex-girlfriend encouraged Maharashtra police to develop a phony reason for the murder of Kapoor. Contrary, Sonu was kidnapped just before he was about to be detained by the police.


Two suspects and a corpse are all that’s left. There is the blatantly guilty one, and then there is the one who has a secret plan. Both of them may have committed the murder. There might be more than meets the eye or are they simply the typical suspects, and there is more going on?

From the start, Sunflower enthralls you. The murder of Raj Kapoor, a resident of a suburban housing complex, has sparked havoc in the community.

Sonu Singh (Sunil Grover), the company’s sales manager, is the obvious suspect, and the evidence against him is overwhelming. Also, Dr. Ahuja, Kapoor’s neighbor, is being investigated for his strange behavior. Kapoor’s wife, Shonali Nagrani, enters the picture as investigators Digendra and Tambe begin their inquiry to complicate matters.

The series is a characteristic of the finest mystery thrillers: you can’t anticipate the twists coming. You can fulfill your urge to solve mysteries and collect clues while being well-protected by them. If it’s too hard, you’ll become frustrated; if it’s too easy, you’ll grow bored. It’s not easy for Sunflower to tread this tight line.

In Vikas Bahl’s hands, his eccentricity and purity are well balanced. A neighbor or coworker isn’t what you would expect from him. If you are skeptical of his motives at one point, you are empathetic to him the next minute. For the first time, Grover will be playing a part of some significance.

You’re intrigued by Mukul Chadda’s job as a professor. When things don’t go his way, he becomes irritated quickly. When she (Professor’s wife) doesn’t fast on Karva Chauth, he blames her for putting his life in peril. When it comes to him, things aren’t what they seem to be. His tension does not live up to the hype, and you are disappointed.

Sunflower’s chairman candidate Dilip Iyer is played by Ashish Vidhyarthi in the film. To wit, the film’s creators take a swipe at society’s lingering biases against divorced women, single women, gays, and religious people. Paddy Iyer (Ria Nalavde) is his (Ashish) daughter. She provides a glimpse into the psyche of young people and the anxieties they face in their daily lives. Female stereotypes may be seen in the portrayals of Gurleen and Justina.

Bahl deserves credit for creating such edgy characters. However, most of the characters and their ensuing plotlines don’t add value to the main story, leaving the series without a meaningful purpose. It is a must-watch series in the free time for entertainment and Sunil’s perfect comic timing and humor. 

Rating 4/5 Stars

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