Hum Do Hamare Do (Movie Review)

Suhail Umrani (Raj)

Hum Do Hamare Do, a Hindi film written and directed by Abhishek Jain and Dinesh Vijan, was released in 2021. The film also stars Kriti Sanon, Rajkummar Rao, Paresh Rawal, and Ratna Pathak Shah. Manu Rishi, Aparshakti Khurana, and Prachi Shah play critical roles in the film. Rao and Sanon embody this emotion.

Dhruv Shikhar, played by Rao, an orphan, worked as a waiter in Purshottam’s Dhaba (Local Hotel). Anya Mehra met him for the first time shortly after launching his 3D App, during the inauguration of his virtual reality program, and the two instantly fell in love. After their first meeting, they soon become friends and stay in contact. They begin discussing her future marriage. She wants to marry someone who has a great family and a beautiful pet dog.

Her parents died in a theatre fire when she was a child. He discovers through her journal entries that she is now residing in her aunt and uncle’s home as their daughter. Shaadiram (Sadanand Verma) is being requested with the help of his buddy friend Shunty (Aparshakti Khurana). Shaadiram attempts to find adoptive parents. He couldn’t help. Then Dhruv thinks about Purshottam as he gets closer to the structure.

When his phony father’s deception was uncovered, Purshottam learned the truth about his genuine love, Dipti Kashyap (Ratna Pathak Shah). However, he could not marry her due to his poor self-esteem. Dipti Kashyap decides to portray the fake mother of Rao in return for rearing a tiny kid she met while eating at a Dhaba (Local Hotel). Because of their shared friendship with Dipti, Purshottam accepted to be Purshotam’s father.

After meeting her (Anya) parents, they married under pretenses to seem to be a legitimate family to the outside world. Are there any risks to the structure shortly, or has anything happened to them that they could not have predicted?

Abhishek Jain is well-known in Gujarati cinema for his films. The film tells a fascinating story through the perspectives of numerous characters. If Prashant Jha’s writing had been more incredible, the picture might have been much better. The film’s second part meanders until the last act when the mystery is explained and satisfactorily resolved.

He (Rao) demonstrates his broad appeal as an actor who has quickly established himself as one of the greatest in the profession. Rajkummar Rao delivers yet another stunning, pathos-filled performance in this film. The caliber of Kriti Sanon’s as Anya performance surpasses Mimi’s. Furthermore, by going above and beyond the call of duty, these two actors have established a high standard for future performers to aspire towards a new destination in B-Town. To be successful.

Even though Aparshakti Khurana is an outstanding actor, his role has usually been the hero’s closest companion, an injustice to the actor. The cooperation of Manu Rishi Chadha and Prachi Shah Pandya in this endeavor is much appreciated.

Despite this, there are some dramatic scenes in the film. Furthermore, this floor throws light on families who seem joyous and unified on the surface but are divided and at odds on the inside. They have the freedom to pick their own family if they so want. The release of the delightful picture Hum Do Hamare Do was the year’s highlight.

Rating 4/5

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