The Helmet Dispatches the Social Message with an Exceptional Deal of Levity.

Helmet Movie Review 

Helmet Film Review

"Chahiye Sabko Magar Maangna Kisi Ko Nahi Hai" (Everyone desires it yet is discouraged from asking) is a decisive question that is sometimes ignored but should be discussed more often.

The helmet is a gripping comedy concerning condom usage and the perspectives of persons who buy condoms in local enterprises.

In India, a preponderance of people is hesitant to buy condoms from retailers. Concurrently, many more are reluctant even to name the word condom. Nevertheless, do you consider you could execute a film about this topic? It demonstrates, to be sure. It declares to be exact. Satram Ramani's parody honestly investigates the practice of 'Nirodh' (preventatives) and the social and psychological associations that this method causes.

The anecdote of 'Helmet,' established in the humble city of Kanpur, focuses on a marriage musician (Lucky) who daydreams of planning his wedding band to marry his crush, Rupali (Pranutan Bahl), a wedding florist. Nevertheless, they cannot be together because Rupali hails from an affluent parent, and Lucky struggles hard to fulfill his ambitions. Lucky and his associates Sultan (Abhishek Banerjee) and Minus (Ashish Verma) intrigue to rob an e-commerce portal truck to obtain immediate capital. To their astonishment, the condoms located in the looted boxes are, in fact, condoms. What will Lucky's subsequent movement be?

Satramm Ramani's direction and Rohan Shankar's writing are both uniformly delightful. The video confronts the critical discussion of Indian men's objection to contraception with levity and entertainment, resulting in a population increase. The film opens moderately, indicating Lucky's romance, but rapidly obtains momentum when Lucky happily releases a lorry's wheels, beginning the never-ending immeasurable experiences. The most entertaining scenes happen when he forms the 'Helmet' group and attempts to market condoms to Shambhu (Sadanand Verma), the owner of the pharmaceutical store, and the rest of the people. The film receives multiple laugh-out-loud bits that you will experience, but the concern is the time of the script.

Meanwhile, Rohan Shankar's writings confer noteworthy entertainment, expressly when he states, "Shaadi Ke Paise Chahiye, Shaadi Ke Baad Ka Quota Nahi." Concurrently, Aparshakti keeps a straight face everywhere. Shubham Shirule and Ana Rehman's (JAMB) song 'Mauka Mauka' and Tony Kakkar's 'Band Baj Gaya' are sprightly tunes that remain great behind the film's credits have succeeded. Ketan Sodha's background soundtrack complements the film's music, and the song "Mauka Mauka" is performed deftly during the movie.

In a range of characters, Aparshakti Khurrana creates a notable influence. His comedic timing is impeccable, and he may efficiently be considered one of the film's highlights. Abhishek Banerjee and Ashish Verma both have unique comedic skills. In this film, Pranutan Bahl skillfully describes the performance of an attractive and encouraging girlfriend.

The novel comedy interpreted performances and following social messages subscribe to the film's worthiness as a viewing adventure.

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