Ramsingh Charlie (Movie Review)

In 'Ramsingh Charlie,' Kumud Mishra pays tribute to Charlie Chaplin and his unending legacy.

It is a 2020 Hindi drama film directed by Nitin Kakkar. Kakkar and Sharib Hashmi wrote the screenplay, which follows a circus performer's life after the circus shuts. Varun Gupta is the film's producer. Divya Dutta, Akarsh Khurana, and Farrukh Seyer also star.

Ram Singh, aka Charlie, is the most popular performer in Jango Circus. His father was a clown in a circus; thus, he grew up in the circus. He also trains and teaches his school-aged son magic secrets. His co-worker wife Kajri is currently expecting their second child. However, with the advent of digital media, the circus is no longer profitable. Masterji, the circus's owner, is forced to shut by her son Nabeel, leaving the artists adrift.

Ramsingh advises Kajri to move their baby Chintu to their village to save money. Ramsingh works for an event company where he meets Shahjahan. They play cricket and dress up as human-sized chickens. A thirsty Ramsingh removes his mask to drink water during a cricket match. The mainly youthful crowd starts booing him, and the organizers dismiss them without pay.

Shahjahan helps Ramsingh get work as a rickshaw puller in Kolkata. The news of Ramsingh's job and newfound drinking shock Kajri. Chintu decides to play Charlie during a school event, and Ramsingh surprise Kajri by joining him. After the show, he thanks Kajri for rekindling his lost artistic life.

Ramsingh asks Nabeel for help resurrecting the circus. Masterji, Nabeel's mother, died. Nabeel promises to help him buy the whole inventory of the old Jango Circus for 1.5 lakh rupees. Shahjahan lends Ramsingh 92k. A bully who teases Cut (A fellow artist of Charlie) about his dwarfism brutally assaults him. Ramsingh pays his medical bills using Shahjahan's money. Nabeel changes his mind and gives everything up. The new circus is finished. Cut, on the other hand, dies. Ramsingh leaves the contemporary circus, and Shahjahan mourns his loss.

Ramsingh is a Chaplinesque hero parody. In this film, he has his head in the clouds but his feet on the earth.

Nitin Kakkar, who authored the script, had finally uploaded the film on SonyLIV. However, the migrant worker's battle appears endless. The movie is still relevant today because of the Covid-19. This pandemic has caused thousands of job losses, wage cuts, and relocations.

The script achieves a good balance of creativity and reality. Throughout the film's 95 minutes, Kakkar reimagines Chaplin's story while paying respect to his legacy. Ram Singh and the grandly named Shahjehan (Farrukh Deyer) talk as chickens during a children's festival.

Kumud Mishra adequately portrays Ramsingh's trials and sufferings, which makes his portrayal sad. His understanding of the Tramp's dual nature and ability to move between sadness and hope are flawless. Mishra's delicate tone and expressive features have been seen previously. In Ramsingh, Charlie can finally exhibit his full ability.

Even the seasoned Lilliput had a few moments to shine in the picture. Salima Raza excels in her brief appearance as the circus owner confronts retirement and financial ruin. She reminds Ramsingh that the real carnival is elsewhere, as her cruel son Nabeel confirms (Akarsh Khurana).

Charlie, his family, and his people are left to fend for themselves. There are a few apparent narrative twists, a character's sudden change of heart, and numerous references to following your objectives despite difficulties. Its message is simple: optimism and a never-say-die attitude are the only ways we may survive.

It is a film to be watched with loved ones. The film's solid performances and plot earn it four stars.

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