The Walk (Movie Review)

Suhail Umrani alias Raj 

The Walk is a US 3D biography film released in 2015 and narrated by Christopher Browne and crafted by Zemeckis. The story revolves around a French high-wire artist Philippe Petit's who walked between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Petit, along with Ben Kingsley, Charlotte Le Bon, James Badge Dale, Ben Schwartz, and Steve Valentine.

Since his childhood, Philippe has a fascination with the circus where he experiences wire-walk and dreams of performing as a wire artist and starts juggling in the streets of Paris. It is not a straight journey, as he assumes in his teenage years. Philippe Petit faces countless challenges as a result of his plan.

Philippe finds a magazine at a clinic and looks at the image of the Twin Towers located in America. He then sketches an illusion between the towers that have become his dream. Now, he is ready to accomplish it at all costs. Come what may, Petit begins to link the chain of his path. He meets Papa Rudy, who becomes his trainer and teaches the lessons of wire walking, like knots and how to acknowledge the audience.

Like every other film, the story follows a romantic touch where Philippe meets an adorable young woman named Annie, and they fall in love. Then he meets Jean-Louis, who becomes an official photographer for Petit, and the adventure begins.

Philippe, along with his beloved one, voyages to America, and after hardships and preparations, they successfully fix the cables between two buildings, and then Philippe sets the first footstep on the wire.

Critics lauded the performance of Gordon-Levitts and the strength of Zemeckis as a profound director who has depicted movies like Forrest Gump or Cast Away. All of them inked various viewpoints by announcing that "The Walk" is an exciting adventure, a creatively visualized representation of a real-life hero. Moreover, critics narrowed their opinions over the film and gave maximum stars in total.

Despite the favorable response, it performed poorly at the box office.

But, still...

Several stunning moments amaze the audience, and Robert Zemeckis has been effective in his attempts to portray a real-life event on the big screen. The climax scene is the soul of the film that's scary, touching, and holding you onto the couch.

The Walk is a must-watch, particularly for those who love biographical films.

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