Tumbbad (Movie Review)

Suhail Umrani (alias Raj)

‘Are Aao Na, Tumbbad Jogna Hai Tumhe Re’ this is heart touching song of this movie and without praising the lyrics and music of the song I cannot write this essay. My friends always ask me why my reviews come very late. Reason is obvious; whenever I watch the movie I start to shout about that epic, if; it touches my soul and heart and today, ‘Tumbbad’ has done same thing to me.

The story of Tumbbad is set in remote village of India (before partition) around 1918; it starts with the greed and hunger for underneath treasure by young boy named Vinayak Rao played by Sohum Shah who is equally producer of the film. Film was released in 2018 but the making process took almost six years in its completion due to some circumstances.

Tumbbad is bollywood’s mythological drama and an extraordinary addition to its category because usually you see such movies in Hollywood cinema so; this movie is a dramatic change for Indian cinema. Although Tumbbad could not make enough at the box office but it won the hearts of millions.

Rahi Anil Barve has helmed this movie very nicely, and it reveals how Vinayak Rao comes to know about buried treasure in his ancestor’s mansion and his greed leads him to explore the gold medallions. He has been told the story of a monster named Hastar who possess the treasure and is hungry for the wheat so; Vinayak makes a plan to play with Hastar to grab the gold coins.

Though this is not a horror movie but it gets you in fear brilliantly. And, most of film critics are counting this film a horror, I don’t know why? Yes; it has a touch of scary scenes especially when Vinayak dives into womb of goddess but we cannot imagine it a horror film because monster losses the grip easily over bunch of treasure whereas man always wins the game. And, in a part when he (young Vinayak) encounters with his great-grandmother, that scene also gives you a nail biting moment.

From Sohum Shah to Muhammad Samad (young Vinayak) all actors have performed nicely and no doubt their performances are par excellence. If we have a look on film’s technical parts then Pankaj Kumar has made a great canvas for this film which fulfills the requirements of this dram, he is genuine cinematographer and it is being proven in this film. Nitin Zihani and Rakesh Yadav both have accurately designed the world of Tumbbad. Jesper Kyd has matched the soundtrack with the story and is plausible. This story is being scripted by four different authors; Mitesh Shah, Adesh Prasad, Anand Gandhi and Barve. Their imagination regarding presenting Tumbbad on screen is really outstanding effort and they have done justice with their profession.

Tumbbad is really wonderful movie and you will love it, it is a must watch and I recommend you Tumbbad film. You can watch it with family and friends too. I give this movie 5/5 star.

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