Trapped (Movie Review)

Suhail Umrani alias Raj

I dedicate this review to my sister Samreen who pushed me to get through this master piece and the reason she forced me is one and only that she is diehard fan of versatile actor Raj Kumar Rao and his consistent par excellence performances.
Starting with this line “Ek Hawa Ka Jhonka Jisne Sab Kuchh Badal Diya”, yes; it all happened after that wave when a wind-blown that changed all very dramatically and made it very motivational as well as scary to the some extant.

Trapped is Hindi drama and thriller which released in 2017, it stars Raj Kumar Rao and Geetanjali Thapa in leading roles. This movie won three filmfare awards in three different categories including best actor (Raj Kumar Rao), best music designer (Anish John) and best editor (Nitin Baid). This movie is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane and he has narrated the story brilliantly.

This movie reminds me of Hollywood film ‘Buried’ that is another master class like Trapped and I relate both movies with recent lockdown situation. Cinema lovers who enjoy survival movies will simply and easily fall in love while watching this movie in an eye blink, I guarantee.

The movie gained mixed reviews from critics but my opinion is bit different from them and I am going to discuss Raj Kumar Rao’s performance in this film which is appealing and no doubt he is one man army and holds entire burden on his shoulders excellently, abilities of director are appraisable as how he holds the overall plot and gets to the point with minor and catchy moments that connects well the audience with the film until it ends, the editors work is equally fantastic but it could have been better with a little trimming, background score is nicely done and you don’t feel much louder and noisy although with minimum of its use has make the film perfect and equally match with the story as required and other technical segments are also wonderfully handled.

There are some realities of our society which make you troubled and push you to take sudden decisions, in this film you can experience some examples as you fall in love and girl asks you for conditional relation if you agree them then she is yours but at what cost? This is all about that agreement they make and film moves ahead. With very limited resources in a corporate culture your survival is tough and could be said every common person is ‘Trapped’, opportunist and estate owners make very tough for you to rent a house on high conditions and how brokers deceive you we can see in this film and after such trap you only suffer.

The other lesson learn from this movie anyone can assume is if crowded people don’t come forward to help or support you in difficult time then how in tense situation or when you are being isolated and stuck somewhere then how they would make their steps to protect you?

This is you at the end that can help yourself so; this movie teaches you how to survive in such circumstances. As Raj Kumar Rao makes all attempts that fails and teaches him new lessons and he gets how very small things are important for survival. This panic teaches him basic survival skills and trains him to take right decisions. He defeats his lifetime fear and wins the cat and mouse chase game.

There are some eye catching sequences and If I quote scary then I am not wrong as in a scene where Raj Kumar Rao removes his bandage from thumb it got me scared and shaken and in another frame he breaks a window which falls through narrow balcony of apartment, it really and easily can scares someone who is scared from high altitudes. Or, when he cuts his first finger to get his own blood to write something on sheet for asking help, this scene is also a nail biting moment. And, when Raj tries to drink water from toilet that scary moment will leave you speechless.

I highly recommend this movie to all those who are lover of such classics, and especially in isolation and lockdown time this is best saga which can be seen along with family.

I give 5 out of 5 stars for power pack performance of Raj Kumar Rao, 4.5 out 5 stars for its matchless direction, 4 out of 5 stars to its crisp editing and 3.5 out of 5 stars for wonderful music designing.

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