G.M. Sayed As I Know

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Suhail Umrani alias Raj

Before writing about G. M. Sayed, I should let readers know about my acquaintance with seasoned politician, leader of Sindh, Pakistan and sub-continent. I have grown up by looking at G. M. Sayed’s picture hanged on a wall of our then house at Tando Adam, Sindh, Pakistan. We migrated from Tando Adam to New Saeedabad, Sindh, Pakistan along with several elderly furniture including same photo of G. M. Sayed. If I declare the picture is of my age then I am beyond doubt. My father ‘Comrade Ayaz Umrani’ was and is an adherent of him and he G. M. Sayed was the person who established an unended Sindhi Nationalism in Sindh and that slogan started echoing around the entire globe.
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Sayed Ghulam Murtaza Shah known as G. M. Sayed was born on 17 January, 1904 and his demise took place on 25 April, 1995 when I was in my teenage. My father attempted many times to escort us (including my elder brother Shakeel, my younger sister Samreen, and younger brother Hoshoo) to him as we all siblings can meet and greet G. M. Sayed personally but unfortunately; we could not see him because all those endeavors that my father tried they failed due to some personal circumstances.

Although, we three brothers and one sister could not meet him but his photo and one memorable autograph that was taken by my father always remained with us and still that landmark is in our shelf and in our hearts. G. M. Sayed signed on one page of the autograph book and Sain Naaz Sanai one of my father’s old companion inked the beautiful lines with his handwriting. As my father was the follower of G. M. Sayed but as far as this picture is concerned then there is my mother (Shabana Ayaz) who preserved this master photo throughout her life and she is actual guardian of this frame and the credit only goes to her for such love and care for G. M. Sayed.

G M Sayed 3.jpgAnyway, coming straight to the point and I solely tribute this write up to G. M. Sayed and my father. Today, especially Sindh is celebrating 25th anniversary of G. M. Sayed and already around one hundred thousand tweets have been shared on tweeter accounts of different nationalists and activists as a tribute to great legend G. M. Sayed. Many authors have mentioned their articles, columns and write ups in different publications, newspapers and blogs so; I also sought to share my thoughts and feelings.

G M Sayed 2.jpgG. M. Sayed was a political leader who is not only recognized by his political activism but know as a scholarly person. He was only person who passed the constitutional resolution for the establishment of Pakistan from East India Company ruled by British in 1943. His only motive was separate Sindhi identity and foundation of ‘Sindhu Desh Movement’.

G. M. Sayed’s roots were in Sann a town of Sindh province; he started his political journey at the age of 16 and founded Khilafat Conference at his hometown in early age. He was very first political prisoner after Pakistan came into being. Strange! He was imprisoned who first signed on such document for the establishment of country and was set behind the bars for being a nationalist. Not only that but he remained prisoner for approximately thirty years and even died during house arrest at Karachi.
Having a look on his scholarly works, he was author of more than sixty books and has narrated in Sindhi, Urdu and English. His main write ups are on literature and politics and ranging from religion to culture. His most famous works are “Janam Guzarium Jin Sein”, “Pegam-e-Lateef”, Sindhu Desh Chho Ain Chhala”, “Dayar Dil Dasta-e-Muhabat”, “Sindhua Ji Sajah”, “Jean Dithho Ahy Mun”, “Jadeed Siyasat Ja Naw Ratan”, “Sindh Ja Soorma”, “Pakistan Han Tutan Ghurjay”, these are some books that are written in Sindhi Language.

G M Sayed 4.jpgExcluding his Sindhi literature, G. M. Sayed has contributed some works in English, too and there are some remarkable books such as “Sindh Speakes”, “Struggle for New Sindh”, “Religion and Reality”, “Shah Latif’s Message”, “A Nation in Chains”. His writings made him very unique personality, leader and scholar. For his writings and genuine thoughts on religion, Oskar Verkaaik, a Dutch Scholar of Islam described that G. M. Sayed has very own and productive ideas, original and intellectual approach in his descriptions, and moreover Dutch author quoted that G. M. Sayed has creative skills and wrote about him that the way he interprets the Islam is really outstanding.

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  1. That's wonderful words that you have written for Sain GM Sayad and I must say you will improve if you write likely. And one thing I feel very good to read yours and your father's remembrance and his autograph taken from.
    Best of luck dear Suhail.