The Barbarism of Berlin

Suhail Umrani

Starting with mentioning Gilbert Kieth Chesterton’s noted works that have remained in our discussions such as “The Napoleon of Notting Hill,” “Charles Dickens: A Critical Study,” or more acclaimed “The Everlasting Man, Chesterton has given wonderful writings. Over here, I will review his notable book, yes; “The Barbarism of Berlin.”

A reader should always read a write up with a critical mind; I believe so; by doing this, I am reviewing it. As I observed that Chesterton has come up with the same mindset as a British always carry against others. He technically and brilliantly thinks white men/women are superior to the world. He blames Germans and Prussians. What Britain was doing at the same time, this scenario is missing.

Although I eagerly watch movies and read history books, especially world wars I & II, so; went through this essay. In this short book, “The barbarism of Berlin,” I found some wonderful examples and bitter truths of history and wars.

If he argues at a point that Germany invaded Belgium wrongfully on 24th July, then what England was doing on 25th July? Yes, they declared war and were doing the same in different parts of the world. And when Germany came with this summit and promised not to annex Belgium, then the British were assuring their withdrawal from the war; this seems very diplomatic, and Chesterton has well defended England.

He puts that the German status quo had dominated Servia, Russia, Belgium, and wrong about England with a nationalistic mindset. Yes, of course, from WW I to WW II, Germany had destroyed everything because wars give nothing, so same England had been doing.

At one point, his statement seems a little balanced, and that is, “The Prussians apply it to the Russians; the Russians apply it to the Prussians,” he means it well that why England gives preference to Russia and the British always consider the Prussia real barbarian. In his view, it is about less and more!

The barbarism of berlin is good reading and especially for history lovers who want to know more about wars I and II.


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