Motichoor Chaknachoor (Movie Review)

Suhail Umrani

Keeping aside the conflict between director Debamitra Biswal and Production Company of movie that produced comedy drama starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Athiya Shetty in the main lead. Very first, excluding a thirty six year young man (Nawaz) who wishes to marry as soon as possible due to his mounting age and parallel to him an ambitious girl (Athiya) dream of marrying a man who can escort her to abroad at any cost, a situation of come what may? The special message I found in this drama is greed of dowry.

The portrayal is being set in the middle class family system of India and we live in too with same kinds of circumstances so; can relate the plot of movie to ours. As our society and so called traditions don’t allow our children of having a life partner of own choice. Parents set decisions and come up with the demands of grave dowry and haq mehr (not according to Islamic practices) and other unconditional greed which causes late weddings especially of girls.

Although, this small town milieu drama has been pictured in comic style which crafts a social impact on the viewers and a cinema lover can experience crisp scenes and fine acting done by all actors, above all Nawaz has given another rock performance with his known talent.

There could be many eye catching moments in this story, and the first scene comes here, when a very young kid utters in a family conversation that he is not going to demand any dowry in his life; and, soon after his sincere and innocent wish is being wiped out and taught that dowry is must so; in result he learns and annunciate yes, I will take it. In another tremendous scene Nawaz calls of his younger brother in courtyard and beats him with flip flop slipper (Chappel) that is really emotional piece and in one more eye-numb situation when Athiya’s father in separation offers Nawaz a half million cheque which he refuses to accept as in his consideration dowry is worthless concept, this is really a lesson learn scene for those who are destroying the lives of their beloveds.

Despite with low budget, less marketing and a legal proceeding came before its release which caused poor business at the box office but in final verdict this movie is good for once watching along with family and friends.

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