Laal Kaptan (Movie Review)

Suhail Umrani

Laal Kaptan (Red Captain) is an Indian epic drama set in 18th century depicted by Navdeep Singh who has given tremendous movies like ‘Manorama Six Feet Under’ and ‘NH10’. Movie features Saif Ali Khan in the lead role, co-stars Manav Vij, Zoya Hussain, and Deepak Dobriyal and two special appearances of Neeraj Kabi and Sonakshi Sinha.

The plot revolves around a bounty character of Naga Sadhu portrayed by Patodi Khan who is seeking for revenge of his men. This time Saif has done very different kind of role, audience is used to see him in neat and clean roles in which he wears on colorful suits and shiny boots like a royal king which is not in this two and half hours drama.

What is his purpose behind hunt and why doing so is really thrilling and connects the audience with the story till the end? Khan characterizing Gossain, who is in the search of Rehmat Khan played by Manav Vij, he wants to find and kill him to quench his thirst of avenging, why? That is to be seen.

There are other actors who land their marks with acting skills as Deepak Dobriyal, Manav Vij and Zoya Hussain have done justice with their roles and are appealing. Manav Vij as Rehmat Khan who is brutal Pathan seems real; Zoya Hussain in the role of a helpless widowed woman leaves her traces, and as usual Deepak in the cameo character of a Hunter who sniffs the footprints of travelers at any cost with his sharp mind and is always accompanied of two black dogs. Kabeer in a brief has done well with impactful acting and talent as per requirements of the maker whereas Sonakhi in an eye-blink scene leaves nothing.

Critics mostly thrown out this saga as well as audiences rejected it at first hand and film could not do well at the box office with heavy loss to bear for producers which is thirty seven crores due to some reasons. Main reason of its failure is believed its run time that is accounted on editing department who could not trim accordingly, second maybe Khan’s previous track record of his flop movies as an actor and being an average performer among Bollywood- Giants, and last but not the least, customary story which is predictable and one could catch easily.

Keeping aside those factors at one corner, one more reason of its blasting is that masses are not ready for that kind of cinema and not ready for classical, cult, and experimental films they only want to see more entertainment and fun or Masala Films.

In final verdict, this is worth watching at least once or who love period drams cause Saif appeals through his brilliant acting skills in this hunt-kill saga till the very end.

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